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ZIPPS Skiwaxes.  Fast. Clean. Liquid.


Welcome at the ZIPPS online store
(Edition: May, 2018).

Dear visitors,
our website with information around ZIPPS Skiwachse company is momentarily not available. Please do not hesitate and call us or send email, if we can supply you with further information. Our webshop is ready for your visit and is not part of the current maintenance work. Thank you for your understanding.

ZIPPS is the brand for remarkably innovative waxes. The formulas of most of our liquid waxes are patent protected. ZIPPS ski waxes have been a tremendous success in alpine skiing, cross-country-skiing, sledding, ski mountaineering, snowboarding and tobogganing. Our waxes perform in a very impressive way: fast, durable and effective. The advantage of their application is unbeatable: simple, quick, clean.
ZIPPS waxes are produced in our own laboratories in Hesse, Germany. We have been working in the wax business for more than 15 years now. It takes experience and profound knowledge to produce good waxes. But a plus of innovative strength, of up to date in-depth knowledge of scientific findings make a good wax an outstanding ZIPPS wax.
Many athletes have been standing to benefit from our waxes, in World Cups, in children`s competitions and in recreational winter sports.

ZIPPS is official supplier of the German National Ski Teams.

Offizieller Lieferant
der deutschen Ski-Matiomalmannschaften

The orange label indicates a different solvent in our bestseller race waxes in 50ml bottles. Its flashpoint is larger than 60° centigrade, so they are no dangerous goods according to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and thus may be taken on board an airplane in your checked baggage.
Flashpoint 60+ is a service on demand and is free of additional costs.
Please note! There are slightly different directions for use for flashpoint 60+ products.

Why you can trust in ZIPPS products:

  • Reliable temperature notifications of our waxes
  • Waxes and accessories for all demands
  • The race waxes of our ZR and ZR (HS) series are reinforced with an ultra-hard special ceramic. It improves hardness and resistance to abrasion and reduces shrinking and cracking of the wax during the drying process.
  • All of our liquid waxes now contain levelling agents for a smoother film formation,
  • All of our waxes have been put to the acid test, our top products are even World Cup proven.

Have a look at the list of our products! You will find more information inside our shop.

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